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As of September 2007 I have moved all teaching content to webCT ( webcourses ( (webct to be ceased in 2008)

I am currently coordinating the ME Signal Processing in Engineering programme (DT700/DT701) and also deliver an industry focused Continuing Professional Development (CPD) module on Digital Signal Processing for Engineers Ireland.

The list below gives details of the modules I currently teach on.

Taught Modules
DT021/DT081 (Honours Degree in Electronic/Electrical Engineering) Stage 1 - Engineering Practice and Design
Delivered as a problem based learning module over one semester - 3 hours Laboratory + 1 hour Lecture. Students are required to work in groups during labs to design build and test robots to compete in an end of year competition. Module involves a wide range of disciplines: software development; microprocessor/microcontroller (MSP430 &PICF4520) integration; instrumentation and sensors; project management. Lectures are diverse and interactive with student discussion encouraged. Class size: approx 30 students.

DT021/DT081 (Honours Degree in Electronic/Electrical Engineering) Stage 2 - Signals and Systems
Delivered as a problem orientated module over one semester - 2 hours Laboratory + 2 hours Lectures. Students required to work in pairs during labs to solve signal processing and systems design/analysis problems in a Matlab programming/simulation environment. Students are required to complete 6 tasks over the 12 week period covering a range of signals and systems problems in a 'real world' context. WebCT is employed extensively to assist in the delivery of the module and includes the use of online quizzes in addition to providing a means of content delivery e.g. PDF and PowerPoint slides. Lectures are interactive with student required to solve short problems in-class to reinforce theory. Class size: approx 30 students.

DT700/DT701 (ME in Signal Processing Engineering) - Digital Signal Processing
Delivered within an interactive classroom environment over one semester - 3 hour interactive lecture/laboratory sessions using Matlab to put theory into practice. 40% of module assessment is assignment based, with students required to solve a real-world signal processing problem in an 'unfamiliar' context. Assignment is involves critical analysis of problem, design of appropriate solution and report on results. WebCT is employed extensively to assist in the delivery of the module and, as above, includes the use of online quizzes as part of the continuous assessment. Class size: 5 students.

DT092/DT084 (Masters Degree in Advanced Engineering) - Biomedical Engineering
Responsible for delivery of 1/3 of a one semester module. Topics presented: Speech Production and Human Auditory System. Traditional/Lecture mode of delivery using PowerPoint Slides with the inclusion of audio demonstrations and online tutorials. Class size: 12 students.